Planning Your Podcasts
Designed in part by Chris Fitzgerald Walsh

Start with the end in mind

o Set clear goals
Why do you want to do this?
Who will benefit?

o Create a show that fills a niche/need
Know your audience and give them what they want
Find your voice: what experience, insight, and passion can you bring?

o Create a “format” for the show with a unique personality, but allow it to evolve
Classroom lectures or presentations
News reports or interviews
Talk show with guests
Editorials or topical discussions
Reports from correspondents
User-generated content (segments produced by others)
Scripted drama or comedy

Production tips
o Create an outline or a script for each show
o Keep the format simple – it’s about ideas & information not glam
o Be concise and keep your podcast episodes short (7-10 minutes)
o Longer podcasts (20-50 minutes) are fine if they are fast paced or entertaining
o Be yourself & talk naturally - don’t sound scripted
o A little music to open and close the show is great, but don’t get carried away with background music or sound effects
o Do a “pilot”
o Get comfortable with the microphone and hearing your own voice
o Practice with the technology for recording, editing, posting
o Find a technical producer to handle the recording, editing, and publishing
o Tech coordinators, teachers, students, parents
o Find synergy around existing projects/events that already generate content
o Get feedback from listeners!
o Keep the momentum going! Dedicate time to produce a show on a regular basis.