Keynote in Education

Profession Development

SBSD April 22,23,24, 29


April 22nd
April 23rd
April 24th
April 29th
8am - 11:55
Kinder/ 1st
Kinder/ 1st
12:05 - 3:00



Teaching students for the 21st century

Did you know?
A short thought-provoking movie created by Carl Fisch

Sources of "Did You Know"

Thomas Friedman's, The World is Flat


Wiki summary of The World is Flat
Video: Thomas Friedman at MIT talking about his book

  • "A Flat World, A Level Playing Field, a Small World After All,
or None of the Above?" Review and economic critique by Ed Leamer, UCLA, April 16, 2006.

Are we using technology appropriately?
Process of Technology Adoption by Karen Janowski
1. Is the technology being used “Just because it’s there”?
2. Is the technology allowing the teacher/students to do Old things in Old ways?
3. Is the technology allowing the teacher/students to do Old things in New ways?
4. Is the technology creating new and different learning experiences for the students?

Copyright and Fair Use


Internet Safety

SBSD Internet Safety Presentation
Cindy Palmer, Microsoft
May 1, 2008, Solana Pacific @ 6:30

Internet Safety Podcast - a good video on internet safety. This video would be very beneficial to parents.


University of Southern Florida - iTunes U - Podcasts as resources for k-12 instruction as well as GREAT teacher resources! CHECK THIS OUT!
Ning for Elementary Teachers - Social Network for elementary teachers. Discuss, collaborate, and share lessons - TRY IT!
Evernote - keep everything in order. From your computer to your phone, all is organized here.
Jamendo - Jamendo is a community of free, legal and unlimited music published with Creative Commons licenses. Check this one out!
Upload your music, share your favorite artists!
Fonts101 - A free online font database!
zamzar - Free file conversion resource. This site can convert just about any file to any other type of file. Zamzar can even save Youtube videos to your computer as Quicktime movies!
Quizlet - Free online flashcard creation. Free, shareable, fast, easy! - is a web-based service that lets you store files online, share with other people, and collaborate on projects. is an online "flash" or "thumb-drive!"
Mango languages - Foreign languages taught through conversation - online!
iPaper - Convert your documents to digital, embeddable, documents. Share them and/or use others' documents. This resource is a great way to backup documents and access them elsewhere and in varied manners.
Zoho - Online word processing resource. Students can use Zoho to create documents that can be used on ANY computer because it's online. Mac? PC? Sure, it's online.
Google Docs - Same thing as Zoho, basically. Create or upload documents to Google docs and store, access, work on, share, collaborate from any computer with an internet connection.
Profcast - software that allows you to record your lesson (audio) as well as the corresponding presentation in ppt or Keynote, including transitions and builds, etc...


Apple Tutorials

TOSA Screencast Tutorials
Cropping and manipulation
Creating and using folders to Organize


Apple Tutorials
Apple Keynote Hot Tips
TOSA created tips

Tosa Screencast Tutorials
Keynote basics
Efficiency / Tricks



Apple Keyboard Shortcuts

Commonly Used Shortcuts

Command + X = Cut
Command + C = Copy
Command + V = Paste
Command + S = Save
Command + A = Select All
Command + Z = UNDO