CUE Conference, Palm Springs - 2009


Thursday, March 5th 2009


Google Learning Institute (Paid Session)

8:30 - 3:00

  • Search Tools

Google resource
"define:" and then a word - will give definitions as well as the source of the definition.
Advanced Search - choose the topic and then change the file type to the file type you're looking for (.doc. pdf. ppt.)
  • THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!! Custom Search Engine -

create your own search engine based on websites that you can determine that are copyright-free (creative commons, copyleft ...), decent resolution, and content appropriate. There are also databases for you to quickly access sites that are k-12 appropriate. Confusing? a bit, but worth a look.

Last step to create and utilize your page would be to embed the code for your search engine on your webpage OR have your district post it (not sure how) and further customize it for your staff/kids

Google Resource
An online document accessible by multiple users. Most know this app. If not, see movie below. Also accessible from
  • Google Form
    A useful tool for creating a Google-type survey. Follow steps.

  • Google Sites

  • Google Resources on the topic
    Fairly easy means to make a website. Similar to a wiki or blog in it's construction, but permissions would be different. Good option if kids were going to be making a website. I would likely not expect to see any k-6 students working with Google Sites, however, with a project and group and parent/teacher support/supervision, this might be a viable option to motivate and extend a project.


Dr. Robert Marzano
Friday, March 6th 2009
What do we know about he effects of Technology on student achievement?

Keynote focuses on:
  • Interactive whiteboards and responding
  • Formative assessment and record keeping
  • Teacher input

  • Worked with Promethean Technology
  • 85 teachers participated.

  • Prometheon study found that:
    • even those who didn’t use the interactive whiteboards gained 14 percentile points
    • 17 percentile increase was significant as compared to the norm.
  • IMPORTANT - all educational research is equivocal = you can’t take out all the variables of a classroom for a conclusive result in a study.
    • Interactive whiteboards were most beneficial in conjunction with higher number of years of teaching and sequential months of use of board.
    • Percentage of time - increased use up to 75-80 percent (29 percent gain) and then dropped after the percent of time became more.
    • Confedence directly determined success. Teacher who has been using tech for 2 years, uses the tech (board) for 75 percent of the time does well.
    • Requires professional development...23 effect size went down because of lack of use/understanding
    • Weaker teachers need TEACHER TRAINING and tech training.
    • Keep clear focus on the content and not the bells and whistles of the technology
    • Keep track of which students are getting it and which are not.
    • Watch RESPONSE RATES - if they are responding, they are active and interacting with the content.
  • responding with new technologies (whiteboards, thumbs up/down, responders):
    • Findings show that right and wrong” type answers do not work (do harm). Effective strategies are those that promote interaction and discussion.
    • Cannot rely only on one assessment.
    • Tech can provide more effective daily/frequent assessment.

Effortless Assistive Technology in the Classroom

Donna Mawhorter
Jennifer Courduff
Etiwanda School District

  • Background Color - Manipulating the color of the page allows for students to interact without as much distraction.
    • In word, Format/Background/Choose Color

  • Highlighting - Highlight the poriton and then choose the pane on the toolbar with the image of the AB and pencil.

  • AutoSummarize - Tool/Auto-summarize - allows for students to find an abbreviated version of content.
  • Readability Statistics - After grammar check it places grades to writing (as well as other stats), like 3rd grade etc...
    • To enable this option, Tool/Spelling and Grammar/ Options/ Check box
    • To utilize, go through spelling/grammar check
  • Comment Tool - Insert/Comment in a Word doc. Insert/Comment, or utilize the option on the tool bar.
  • Track Changes - Compares previous draft with current work/improvements. You can also change the view by changing the View Mark up option. Good for printing.
Revenge of the Digital Immigrants
Hall Davidson

Natives ...

  • The way kids think/pay attention have changed.
  • Kids have a new brain and it’s a matter of teaching differently - with media
  • “Helping students learn in ways that their brains are wired to learn”
  • Kids don’t have trouble focusing - they can spend an entire weekend on a video game
  • Kids spend 2 seconds researching a website to determine if it’s worth their time.
  • Referencing media as a concise way to show the perfect 2 minutes of a topic to help teach the core curriculum.
  • Jing- Create movies to be shown in GoogleEarth.